Mr. John LI graduated from the Fine Arts Department, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1962. Then he furthered his studies at the University of Iowa and achieved M.A. degree in Drawing and M.F.A. Li, also studied at the Brighton Polytechnic in 80’s. He taughtat the Chinese University, Baptist University and the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. His works are collected by museums, art institutes and universities such as the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

John Li combined the essence of Chinese calligraphic lines with Western drawing in lithography to reflect the characteristic and spiritual expression of human figure.

Solo and group exhibitions:


“The Panorama of Hong Kong 2018 Contemporary Ink Painting”, Hong Kong Central Library


“Ink and Wash Never Ends: The Art of John Li”, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


“Art Works of Alumni of Fine Arts Department”, Holland


“Direction: Print Hybrid “, The Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre


“Conform/Confront: An International Print Exchange Exhibition”, The Hong Kong Open Print Shop


“ One Person Show 2012”, Gage Academy of Arts, Seattle, U.S.A


“Brush Work of John Li”, University Museum and Art Gallery, The University of Hong Kong


“John Li’s one-person show”, Art Gallery, Iowa, U.S.A.


“Anhui Hong Kong Graphics Exchange Exhibition”, Anhui Museum of Art, China